Today’s battlefield is much more dynamic and adversaries have adopted cyber and electronic warfare tactics. To stay ahead, we need to ensure that warfighters have the same secure and robust communication’s experience while on-the-move as they do at-the-halt. Our’s secure, high quality, real time video data delivers actionable intelligence in the most challenging and hostile environments. It’s critical to ensuring operational flexibility, maintaining tactical advantage and making fast, effective decisions.

Situational Awareness and Intelligence, Surveillance &

Enhanced situational awareness means better decision-making. Enhanced soldier-to-soldier communication means safer and more efficient mission execution.

    With a complete line of products designed to enhance military workflows by digitising, distributing and viewing high-quality video and critical metadata across the enterprise network, our supports the most advanced video formats for situational awareness, decision support systems and IPTV distribution platforms.

    Our high quality, ruggedized video transmission products will withstand severe physical shocks and vibrations and perform in the most extreme environments from arctic climates to desert conditions.


IP streaming solutions give ultra-low latency and security the highest clearance from the field to headquarters.

Military forces use our’s end-to-end IP video solutions to securely ingest motion imagery for dissemination and display of mission critical information around their military bases and live environments. Our’s IP video streaming solutions provide ultra-low latency and security to headquarters from the field, no matter how distant it may be.

Military forces need to know that their hardware and software solutions are protected by the most stringent security protocols. Our end-to-end content protection solutions are compliant with content security requirements, and built-in administration tools ensure approved personnel can only view relevant content.


Command and Control exercises demand the most from intercom applications. Large command and control operations, whether it be a space launch, homeland security, battlefield, unmanned vehicle control, aircraft testing and more require the ability to talk and listen to multiple sources simultaneously.

Command and control communications often involves intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance incorporating computer intelligence. Control centers for command control and intelligence require hundreds of stations, individualized to user’s requirements for simultaneous communication across any number of channels. Standalone systems can support hundreds of users in one area or link together to support thousands of users in multiple locations.

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