Design & Build

Once you’ve established capacity and people flow, consider what pieces of information you need to monitor such as cameras, data, tv feeds, radio communications, phone calls, or maps of a town or power grid. This lets you determine what technology and furnishings your command and control center needs to be fully equipped. To do this, you’ll have to sort through what you need to monitor and coordinate.

• Command and control centers are flexible. They only need enough space for your team, command center furnishings and workstations, IT/communications equipment, and the display technology to do the work required.

• AVITENG determines the right command and control center for your operation, start by identifying what resources you need to coordinate

• Information flow and distribution through voice, video, and data into and throughout the center is vital to the success of any command and control environment. That’s the starting point for determining what equipment you need (and in which configuration you need it) to accomplish your mission.

As you’re outfitting your command and control center, AVITENG takes into account practical issues like ergonomics and proximity.