We designed to contribute significantly to enhanced worksafety and smooth process workflows at industrial facilities. Nearly every system in industrial application is used to protect humans and secure buildings and valuables. Beside these critical tasks the same systems also help to prevent production downtimes which can generate enormous costs per minute. We are focused on maximum reliability, easy operation and high scalability the robust hardware is controlled by flexible, site configurable software whose functions and features provide exactly what the user and local regulations require.



No matter how challenging the environment - when the going gets tough, ours industrial intercom solutions keep going. They thrive in a wide spectrum of conditions, from loud, hot, dirty and grimy to ultra-hygienic and antiseptically clean. This way, they help to keep people in touch and a variety of challenging situations under control as needed. This brief visual profile provides a quick overview of our Industrial Intercom solutions and their respective application environments around the globe.

  • Optimising workflows and boosting efficiency through communication
  • Reducing risk of workplace accidents and hazards
  • Fast call connections and superior ease of use
  • Conference calls for fast information distribution
  • Group calls and announcements via intercom stations
  • Integration PA/GA, mobile radio communication and telephones into the intercom system




Integrated industrial systems incorporate several control systems and associated instrumentation used for industrial process in a centralized control system. No matter the need in a facility, our engineers and technical experts can design and implement a system that fits your criteria.

  • İntegration of telephone- lines and VoIP systems (SIP/IAX)
  • Control of visual warning signals and displays
  • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance and buildings management systems. (OPC)
  • Active monitoring of input signals for various purposes, such as fire or burglar alarms
  • Control of output signals, e.g. doors and barriers.


IT security for our customers and users is a business-critical priority. Obviously, there is no easy “set and forget” solution. IT security is not a static condition but an evolving process requires active management. We are working continuously to fortify our systems, products and solutions against cyberattacks and to provide multi level protection for network based services. In addition to intercom and video connections that interface with third party systems we also provide products that open up new possibilities for integrated solutions.

  • Event logging and audio/video recording.
  • Secure, restricted access to industrial premises or specific areas for authorised personnel.
  • Protecting material assets and corporate information.



Gatekeeper Workplace
Intercom station models for answering door/barrier calls, paging persons in the buildings.
Automatic call forwarding(intercom station / mobile radio / land-line telephone) if gateekeeper desk is temporarily unattended.
Intercom client app for mobile phone and tablet devices allows for Location-independent use of communication and control functions.

    Public address via ip connections
    İp amplifiers and ip loudspeakers ready for plug-in network connections
    Voice announcements for production halls and warehouses.

    Lift emergency calls
    The intercom panel in the lift car performs constant self monitoring and testing routines.

    Software solutions for industry control desks
    Indication of the calling terminal’s Location and optional automatic display of a video / CCTV connection
    Information from and control of different systems on one visual operating platform
    Event logging

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This products perform at their best when the environment is at its worst, offering fast and reliable communications for electric power, transportation and other industries. Our products provide a level of robustness and reliability that have set the standart for communication network in harsh environments.

Designed to survive temperature, humidity, vibration, immersion, acoustic noise, gunfire shock, solar radiation, and even fungus. Rugged laptops feature bright, outdoor-readable screens, powerful Intel processors, USB-C connectivity, dedicated GPS, optional mobile broadband, and Wi-Fi.

RUGGEDCOM products provide a level of robustness and reliability that have set the standard for communications networks deployed in harsh environments.