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Aviteng, focus on achieving the best option in the equations of technical requirements and the commercial conditions. We trying to make it happen to IT infrastructure, Internet, Cabyling Systems and other systems solutions for our partners.


Server Solutions

The concept of data center has undergone change in recent years. We propose infrastructure that work seemlessly, sustainable and suits the tough coditions of the economy and implements process management and business continuity technologies that increase the competetive scales of organizations.

Our goal from the industry’s leading server solutions, the advanced virtualization to data center manager and CIO’s with various options to facilitate the palpable level jobs.



Storage Solutions

New technologies that are more agile, more cost-effective, adaptive to various platforms, software based, it integrated backup device and advanced virtualization(hyperconverged) technologies today increasing the data storage systems. We are transforming the world’s leading data storage leaders latest technologies and our storage solutions make the structural and non-structural data accessible. It makes it easy to turn this knowledge by taking under guarantee.

Network Solutions

Nowadays corporations doesnt have a network systems. Network systems should not only be mandatory but also should be compatible with the latest technology.

Solutions should be prudential and addressing the needs. We are providing high-performance and integrated network system services and offers to customers that are scalable and compatible with the latest technology products.

    Our services in this area:

  • Analysis of network requirements
  • Network design addressing the analysis finding
  • Spesification of convenient LAN/WAN Products (Swithces,routers)
  • Spesification of convenient security products(firewall)
  • Installation and commissioning services.


Structured Cabling Systems Solutions

Structured Cabling Systems incorporate all cabling infrastructure and active/passive devices that enable the transmission of telecommunication and control signals. Design and implemantation should be suitable for use without chaning for years and should be fast and trouble-free.

To this end high quality coppers and fiber cables that address current/future needs and the correct implemantation of these cables are of great importance. We are one step ahead with its workforce for fiber and cabling and services.

    Our services in this area:

  • Copper cabling solutions
  • Fiber cabling solutions
  • GPON solutions
  • Turnkey design, equipment supply, installation, test and commissioning services

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology reduces costs, improves access to applications and simplifies IT management. .

Reduce your investment and operating cost by increasing energy efficiency through server consolidation and requiring less hardware. Provides business continuity for your infrastructure by offering simplified disaster recovery solutions.

Critical enterprise applications including databases (Oracle Database,Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase) maximize service levels and performance by virtualizing business applications (SAP Business Suite, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, SAP).


Data Storage and Backup Solutions

Having an effective data storage, backup, and disaster recovery strategy is vital for not only maintaining business continuity, but also for your overall competitive advantage.

Our’s cloud backup, recovery and storage solutions can provide any type and size of organization with the services and support that best meet its business objectives, including:

  • Disaster Recovery: Maintaining storage in a secure cloud location ensures that your mission-critical data is protected and can be readily accessed in the event of a local disaster.
  • Data Growth Flexibility: Cloud storage allows fast and easy scaling of capacity as data-retention needs increase.
  • Cost Management: Leveraging the economies of scale of existing cloud data centers provides an equivalent long-term retention capability while reducing the costs associated with internal storage and backup solutions such as tape management and storage.
  • High Data Availability: Employees can back up data to cloud locations from both local and remote locations, and easily access their data from anywhere.
  • Retention Compliance: Cloud solutions can be an excellent option for addressing regulatory compliance requirements relating to long-term data retention.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

With the development of virtualization technology, the increase in internet speeds, the infrastructure required to ensure the continuity of processes has become easily accessible. Customer needs are provided by leading manufacturers' software and hardware solutions with up-todate technology.

  • Clustering Solutions Clustering systems can offer solutions on the basis of application, virtualization platform, or operating system role.
  • Replication Solutions Replication solutions enable continuous copying of data to keep the copy of the current infrastructure out of the way.

Mobile and Desktop User Solutions

Whether it's fixed or mobile, we're providing the products and hardware that enable our users to manage these points easily and protect the enterprise data,our partners in this area, while increasing the productivity of the users at the edge of the infrastructure.

    Our solution in this area:

  • Desktop PC
  • Notebook PC
  • Tablet
  • Workstation


Software Licensing

We help clients make intelligent licensing decisions based on their existing and planned requirements. With attractive prices and predictable cost options, we ensure that you get the right licensing model to suit your needs in the shortest time possible.

    Our solution in this area:

  • Box License
  • OEM Licensing
  • Open License Agreements
  • Open Value Agreement
  • Open Value Membership Agreement

Information Management and Security Solutions

We offer security management, endpoint, email and messaging security solutions for your IT infrastructure, as well as compliance solutions to laws and internal security policies .

    Our solution in this area:

  • Archiving: automation of storing and finding e-mails, files, instant messages and other unstructured content in the direction of security policies.
  • Data Protection (Back-up): Removal of data in case of equipment malfunction, accidental loss of information or a disaster, and removal of systems again.
  • Security Management: Solutions to protect your organization from security attacks by optimizing basic security processes and associating them with your rules and security policies.
  • Endpoint Security: Effective and easy management solutions against known and unknown security threats.
  • Messaging Security: A solution to protect your information against threats caused by instant messaging with incoming and outgoing e-mails.


Corporate Printing Solutions

We offer color and black-and-white solutions with our products that give office workers and workgroups the flexibility to do more business in less time with professional tools for printing,scanning, faxing and copying.

    Our solution in this area:

  • 1. Color Ink Jet Printers
  • 2. Multifunction / All-in-One Products
  • 3. Color Laser Jet Printers
  • 4. PhotoSmart Photo Printers
  • 5. Black and White Printers
  • 6. Wide Format Printers
  • 7. Consumables


IP Telephony Systems

We are capable of providing end-to-end solutions for combining all data, voice and video through a compound IP based network. It offers compound IP-based solutions with its professional employees for the companies that require fast and flexible management of its processes through an IP integrated network.

    Our services in this area:

  • IP Based and Analogue Telephony Systems Solutions
  • Voice Response Systems Solutions
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Hotel Management Systems (PMS) Integration

IPTV & Digital Signage Systems

IPTV systems are used in order to transmit TV, video, voice, text, graphics, data through IP-based networks with desired security, interactivity, reliability and service quality.

Playing a significant role in presenting the corporate identity and message, this solution is one of which our stands out. Offering services like identifying the customer requirement, designing, installing and commissioning the system and providing post-sale technical support, we have carried out a lot of successful projects in this field.


Video Conferencing Systems

We offer HD video conferencing that connect your entire organization. Video conferencing systems give your business with faster decision making ,stronger working partner ships and productivity. Conferencing systems bring people together in their industries without having to travel.

This means meetings can be set up between two or more locations saving both time and money. We make sure that you receive the best possible voice and video communication experience. Our video conferencing solutions are most comprehensive and scalable tele presence and video conference systems product line in the market.


Data Center Solutions

For all the challenges facing the largest data centers, Our solutions deliver the speed, simplicity and efficiency that let you scale where, when and how you need. See how we can help unlock the potential of your infrastructure today while laying the foundation for tomorrow.