AVITENG started the works from the ground for the studios, technical offices and rooms. Part of the jobs were furnishing the studio and offices with HVAC, electricity, UPS, data and telephony infrastracture, delivering studio curtains, deploying smoke alarm and fire suppression systems

After establishing the infrastracture, AVITENG deployed a 1080p50 format compliant, sophisticated and streamlined production and transmission environment as Syria TV projected.

Their newsroom automation established an end-to-end rundown management system as it handles the wires, RSS, email, fax, SMS and is integrated with production automation, studio teleprompters and on-air graphics systems. Newsroom system has a good level of social media integration such us receiving information from YouTube; publishing to YouTube (also scheduled publishing); following Twitter users, hash-tags or keywords, tracking; trending topics on Twitter; searching for keywords in Twitter; publishing to Twitter and to Facebook, and also working with Instagram.

Master control automation controls video router, master control switcher, logo inserter and on-air graphics

Traffic and scheduling system is integrated with master control system and MAM. It utilizes scheduled ingests as well.

NLE stations can edit while ingest, and are integrated with MAM and can perform in-place editing. They have on-air graphics NLE Plug-ins for sophisticated results on air.

Production automation is integrated with QC.

MAM system is integrated with HSM so that a smart archiving is established between nearline and offline storages

Production automation provided asset management by indexing media stored in production video servers and manages the non-video asset that is in NAS. Also it has workflow automation of common tasks such as generating proxy media and rendering. The cut editors and newsroom automation users are benefiting from HTML5-based editor, craft/effects editors and publishing to social media.

Syria TV has a fast and robust HD system for capture and fast turnaround of news content for transmission. Production video servers are high performance media servers, namely Always in Record and highlighting/editing of live media for immediate playout. The servers simplify the daily media workflows by referencing all derived clips at video frame level to the original rush media thereby avoiding copying, saving storage, and simplifying media management. Those production servers also provide an additional layer of playout resilience in the unlikely event of an master control servers failure.

As for the turnkey studio lighting systems part of the project, Syria TV chose a fully LED base including ARRI S-30C and S-60C Skypanel softlights, L7-C LED Fresnels, Coemar Ledko D daylight spot profile projectors and Robe Robin 300 motorized LED wash heads. Lighting control network, electrical distribution and suspension systems were installed, commissioned and delivered.

Manufacturers and Solution Components

6 x Studio Camera Chains Ikegami HD-97A2 with 4K BS-98 Base Stations
5 x Teleprompters Autoscript 19" EPIC IP Series NRCS version and 18.5" Talent Monitors
6 x Broadcast Lenses Fujinon HA Series HD Lenses
1 x PTZ Camera Ross PivotCam
2 x Camera Robotics Ross Furio Robo Dolly, Telescopic Lift , VR600 PT Robotic Head
4 x Studio Tripods Vinten Vector 750 Heads and HDT-2 Heavy Duty Tripods
1 x Studio Crane Stanton Super
Vision Mixer Ross Carbonite Black 3M/E
Audio Mixers Studer Vista 1 for Main and Yamaha QL1 for Back-u
Video Router Evertz EQX10
Master Control Evertz 3025EMC-3G
Multiviewers Evertz 3067VIPX
Emergency Routers Evertz EQT 3G Clean and Quiet Router
Glue Equipment Evertz 7800 Quiet Serie
Logo Inserter Evertz 7825 Dual Downstream Keyer with Internal Logo
SPG Syste Evertz 5601MSC and 5601ACO
Clocks Evertz Broadcast Clocks
Multiviewer Monitors NEC 55" Professional Displays
Video Monitors Sony LMD Series
Audio Monitors Genelec, JBL, TSL, M-Audio
Intercom Wired & Wireless Clearcom Eclipse HX-Delta and Clearcom Free Speak II
Tally Controller TSL Tallyman
Wireless Audio Systems Sennheiser
Skype Transceiver Riedel STX-200 and Quicklink TX Quad
Other Audio Components 360 Systems, Sonifex, Bel Digital, JBL, AKG
Compliance Recorder Bvion Infinity Logger
Live Streaming Bvion Infinity Streaming Server for On-Air and Social Media
IRDs Ericsson RX8200
Form at Converters For-A FA-9500 Multi Purpose Signal Processors
Quality Monitoring Tektronix WFM5200
Decks Panasonic AJ-PD500 P2 VTRs
ENG Cameras Panasonic AJ-PX380
On-Air Graphics Ross Xpression with Augmented Reality
Virtual Studio Graphics Ross Xpression
Camera Tracking Ross UX and Mo-Sys Encoding Modules
MCR Automation (1+1) Evertz Grass Valley Morpheus
MCR Video Servers Grass Valley ICE
NRCS Octopus 8
Production Automation Grass Valley VIBE with Momentum MAM
Production Servers and Storage Grass Valley sQ 1800 with SAS Arrays
LTO Qualstar 1064 Slots with 3 Tape Drives
HSM Masstech SGL Flashnet Cluster Based with Partial Restore
Traffic & Scheduling BTS Express
Transcoding Harmonic ProMedia Carbon
Quality Check Interra Baton
5 x Craft NLE Stations Grass Valley RIO
Servers, Workstations, PCs Dell
Network Juniper EX4300 Series
IP KVM Aten KL Series
Smart PDUs Aten PE Series
Technical Furniture Aviteng Custom Design Technical Furniture
LED Softlights ARRI Skypanel S-30C and S-60C
LED Fresnels ARRI L7-C
LED Spot Profiles Coemar Ledko Daylight
LED Motorized Heads Robe Robin 300 Wash