Ashgabat Olympic Complex - Monorail

The Olympic Complex is located close to the Kopet Mountains in Ashgabat city center, an excellent location in terms of transportation routes. This complex, which has hosted the 2017 "Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games" (AIMAG), consisted of multipurpose structures and premises suitable for different sporting events.

Fig. 1 - Ashgabat Olympic Complex Interactive Map

The overall concept of the project was prepared by Polimeks, and has been designed by international project and engineering companies experienced in the design of world-famous sports facilities where major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, have been held. A 5,2 kilometer monorail system is planned to be laid around the complex in order to meet the transportation needs. The total base area of the project is 1.466.400 m2 and the total construction area of the premises is 1.284.882,69 m2.

Fig. 2 - Ashgabat Olympic Complex Monorail System

The system features trains of the type P30/P90 with a maximum capacity of 90 passengers each, serving eight stations along the line. Thanks to the elevated track, about 4 - 6m above ground level, with a total length of approximately 5'200 meters (loop length/whereof 550 meters track to the depot and maintenance area) will connect the various attractions, such as the main stadium, athlete village, indoor velodrome, aquatics center, indoor athletics arena, a tennis center, training halls, indoor arenas, medical rehabilitation center, hotel and press center, business center, restaurants, training for track and field, outdoor team sports fields, lake, outdoor cafes, carparks the visitors have a spectacular view all over the Ashgabat Olympic Complex. Up to 1,200 athletes and guests an hour can enjoy the circular route.

Aviteng' Passenger Information System (PIS) has been specially developed by Aviteng according to the customer's specific requirements for Ashgabat Olympic Complex.

The on-board multimedia Passenger Information System (PIS) displays multimedia content including text, images, animations, video, and audio on a high resolution LCD-TFT monitor.

Remote Management

The multimedia Passenger Information System can be managed independent of the driver via connecting to the web interface of the system.

Configure Viewing

The LCD-TFT monitor can be configured for single-sided double-sided, or side-by-side viewing.

Uploading Content

You can upload images and videos to the system. Valid image formats are standard JPG or PNG. Valid video format is standard MP4 with H.264 encoding.

Infinity Screen

Infinity SCREEN allows mass transit authorities to display real-time passenger and route information. Coupled with Engage, Infinity SCREEN 's content-creating digital signage suite, LED or LCD monitors can display advertisements, facility maps, directories, weather, news and more.

Fig. 3 - Ashgabat Olympic Complex Monorail Map

Fig. 4 - System Schematics for a Single Station

The LED displays can be built for varying information and size configurations like the number of lines and characters.

The information shown includes train origin/destination, arrival/departure time, track number, and additional lines for service messages. Select information can flash to attract attentiSal覺on. The LED display is programmed to update automatically, but can be manually updated in the event of a change.