Ashgabat, across an area of 1.466.400 m2, with all details thoroughly considered from A to Z, and can be conveniently accessed from each and every corner of the city by virtue of its location at the junction of four main arteries.

An International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is built at every olympic games as the media headquarters for local and international media. It is the central operational, production, technical and administrative base for the broadcast operations. This facility includes production and broadcasting facilities, technical rooms, main press center, rights holding broadcasters' areas, offices, restaurants, studios, conference rooms and information technologies center, etc...

AVITENG  was asked to build a technologically demanding and future-proof production and broadcasting system as the industry standards for UHD, 4K and beyond were still absent; in fact SMPTE 2110 standard was not brought to the real world at that time.

AVITENG designed and built one of a kind system in the world with a 4K and IP based SDVN capable facility which was interconnected to all over the Ashgabat Olympic Complex venues and locations.

The construction of the project's technical areas have been completed according to AVITENG's consultancy and technical infrastructure comments (Raised Floor, Cable Tray, Lighting, HVAC etc.).

The deployed architecture allows either centralized or local control according to each particular need, with no hardware modifications required.

International Broadcast Centre (IBC) has the following technical locations;

-  Contribution
-  Distribution
-  Transmission
-  Multi Channel Distribution Services (MDS) (4 pcs. 1080p, 1 pc. 4K)
-  Commentary Switching Centre (CSC)
-  Production Quality Control (PQC)
-  Ingest & Logger (15 pcs. for each sport event)
-  Format Xchange
-  Radio (4 channel)
-  CATV Control
-  Highlight Production (4 sets)
-  Non-Linear Editing (5 sets one of them 4K)
-  Graphics (5 sets)
-  SNMP & Monitoring
-  IBC Studio with 3 cameras
-  Uplink & Downlink and Dish-Farm
-  Media & Press Center (for 100 users)
-  Central Apparatus Room (CAR)

Manufacturers and Solution Components

Solution Components Manufacturers
40RU SDVN Video Service Routing Platform EVERTZ EXE-VSR
4K and HD Live Video Replay and Video Server EVERTZ DREAMCATCHER
MV with 10GbE Interface EVERTZ VIP
Master Control Switching & Channel Branding EVERTZ EMC
SDVN Orchestration and Control EVERTZ MAGNUM
Video Routers EVERTZ EQX and EQT
Customizable User Interface/Widgets for Routers, Multiviewers and Infrastructure Devices EVERTZ VUE
4K and 3G-SDI Glue Equipments EVERTZ 7800 Series
Master SPGs and Change-over EVERTZ 5601MSC and 5601ACO2
Encoding, Streaming, Fragmentation, Multiplexing and Stat Mux Controller EVERTZ 3480 Platform
High-Density Stream Processing Platform EVERTZ EV80
RF and Fiber Transmitters and Receivers EVERTZ
SNMP Alarm Monitoring, with Graphics Mapping Support, Email Notification&Module Configuration Application Software EVERTZ VistaLINK
Live Broadcast Graphics ORAD HDVG 4 - 8K
Studio Cameras SONY HDC-2500
Production Switcher SONY MVS-8000X
Broadcast Lenses CANON HJ Series
Camera Support Systems VINTEN
Teleprompters AUTOSCRIPT
Digital Commentary System AEQ OLYMPIA
Production Switcher ROSS ACUITY 4K
Intercom Platform RIEDEL ARTIST
Wired and Wireless Microphone Systems SENNHEISER
Video Monitors TVLOGIC
Audio Monitors WOHLER
4K Waveform Monitors LEADER 5490
4K Up & Down Converters and Processors AXON
MPEG Test, Analysis and Monitoring Systems TEKTRONIX MTS4000
Core & Side Switches JUNIPER EX Series
Network Streaming System AVITENG
4K NLE Stations AVID Media Composer
Digital Mixing Console STUDER VISTA
Digital Mixing Console CALREC SUMMA
Radio Consoles AXIA
Audio Monitors GENELEC
Digital Audio Processors JUNGER AUDIO
Loudness Processors LINEAR ACOUSTIC
Suspension and Luminaries ARRI Lighting
Servers, Workstations and Client PCs DELL
Smart PDUs and Charge-overs TSL
Technical Furniture LUND HALSEY
Encoders, Multiplexers and Receivers ERICSSON
Antenna Systems GD SATCOM
Modulators NEWTEC
Spectrum Analyzers ROHDE & SCHWARZ
Rack Cabinets LANDE

The EVERTZ EXE-VSR router was the core of the facility with 46Tb/s of switching capacity in 40RU. With 2304 10GbE ports, the EXE router provided unmatched flexibility and scalability for video transport over IP using SMPTE-2022-6 and non-blocking switch fabric support up to 13,800 uncompressed HD-SDI signals.

EVERTZ DreamCatcher IP-based production and replay servers were directly connected to the system over their 10GbE ports and they were the essential parts of the SDVN structure. They provided 4K zoom and Mosaic, as well as the standard expectations from the replay servers. DreamCatcher's rapid editing capabilities combined with enhanced production workflow allow replay operators to be true craftsmen in their profession. HARMONIC MediaGrid was an ideal fit for the systems's shared storage requirements.

The selected commentary platform was AEQ OLYMPIA thanks to its ability to cover large sports events (managing up to 5000 independent audio channels), its high reliability -featuring redundant options for each of its components- and its proven solvency in many similar events as demonstrated by AEQ references such as olympic events, football world and European cups, athletics world championships, etc. The complete system included 52 commentary positions, some of them deployed permanently in 10 fixed locations, while others were dynamically distributed among the rest of venues. These commentary positions were connected to 23 BC2000-D frames where the audio signals are concentrated, processed and distributed. Also, 40 AEQ Phoenix audio codecs were installed to transmit the commentary audio signals from the IBC to each broadcaster's central studio in Ashgabat during the competitions.