IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

IPTV & Digital Signage Platform
25 Ağustos 2020

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Platform; It offers the most advanced IPTV experience with live broadcast, video on demand (VOD), digital recording, mosaic player (multi viewer) to watch many channels at the same time, time shift TV and customizable view. Content security and user access controls are approved by military units and broadcasters for local and multi-domain applications. The Digital Signage module uses hardware-based and powerful content players to deliver stunning digital content with dynamic data and full HD IPTV content managed from a central server.

Streaming Server

Delivering IPTV Content and Access to Mobile Devices

To access and watch content from any device, the Streaming Server plug-in enables video bands to easily extend the reach of IPTV systems to phones, tablets and other devices used by local or remote users. The system can be installed quickly and seamlessly integrated into any environment. It provides high quality H.264 and HEVC video streaming to any user and any device, while providing a content delivery network (CDN) that is scalable from a single medium to multiple environments and intelligently manages network bandwidth.

Create your own private IPTV content delivery network (CDN) and send live content to mobile devices using the Enterprise WiFi network and to remote users' TVs, PCs and Mobile devices over VPN / WAN connections. The Mobile Player application is a powerful and user-friendly application for smartphones and tablets that allows corporate network users to access live and on-demand content. IPTV content can be delivered unicast or multicast to any iOS, Android or Windows Mobile device with minimal latency. This app also supports military grade AES 128/256-bit encryption to protect valuable video content.

Streaming Servers can be deployed as physical servers or virtual machines. In this way, they can be placed either in one central location or in different locations in remote areas. Thus, users who need to access live IPTV content can save bandwidth by serving content from a nearby server instead of wasting unnecessary connection-bandwidth by requesting content from a single location.

IPTV Portal - Management interface for configuring IPTV services such as live TV channels, programming guides, uploading VOD content, managing users and permissions, monitoring all system components using real-time dashboards and monitoring system usage.

Browser Player - Browser based IPTV player that can operate as a single viewing point for playback of all content produced locally or provided by third parties.

IPTV Set-Top-Boxes / Signage End-Points - Compact hardware devices that offer a TV experience for personal users or display dynamic, content-rich information screens using a program defined by the administrator.

Mobile Player - IPTV player for iOS and Android devices, integrates with the Portal server to get channel schedules, program information and user permissions. It offers unique mobile viewing experience.

Personal TV Middleware - Service-grade TV middleware, such as interacting with their TVs, watching local broadcasts, watching on-demand videos, browsing up-to-date programming information, recording, using modern, easy-to-use on-screen menus, the DVR shows and manages recorded content.

VOD / NDVR Server - TV layer software that personalizes modern, easy-to-use OSD menus, adapts to live TV streams, displays local broadcasts, watches on-demand videos, manages recorded images, allows users to interact with their TVs by browsing up-to-date programming information.

Sign Creator - Digital Signage creation application that simplifies the design and creation of impressive Digital Signage / Information Displays. Supports a wide variety of data including videos, images, IPTV streaming, social items, match results, integration with food suppliers, and multiple graphics layers - all providing highly dynamic signage content to be displayed on IPTV / Digital Signage display points.

Signage Director - Centrally manage signage content, marketing or HR campaigns, schedules and macros for different types of events and venues. 3rd party data sources can be integrated with comprehensive logging and analytics, with real-time monitoring of all deployed video players.

IP Monitoring - Real-time MPEG monitoring and analysis of IPTV streams in the network. This plug-in feature provides in-depth analysis of 365x24x7 MPEG video streams to detect service quality and outages that could affect viewers. Learn and stay informed about video or audio and network issues that jeopardize the user experience. IP Monitoring offers real-time dashboards, unlimited visual multi-view tracking player seats and email alerts.


  • Supports HEVC (H.265), the latest compression standard up to 4K, in addition to HD and SD live and on-demand streaming in MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 formats
  • View Frame Channel Color coding for content classification
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)

        Advanced VOD services including time shifting, pause, resume and skip forward / back

  • Local DVR recording option for desktop viewer users
  • Fully integration with Microsoft Active Directory to manage access to live and requested content for all users and groups on the network such as computers, set-top-boxes and mobile devices


  • All-in-One solution to manage Live, Recorded / On-Demand IPTV content and Digital Signage workflows and Video Walls
  • High availability and multi-domain clustering support guarantee uptime of all software and hardware IPTV components required for mission-critical applications
  • Full integration with Microsoft Active Directory to manage access to live and requested content for network users and groups using computers, set-top-boxes and mobile devices
  • Watch low latency multicast streams for mobile users on phones and tablets