Integrated Multiviewer in Control Rooms - KVM - Video Wall Systems

Integrated Multiviewer in Control Rooms - KVM - Video Wall Systems
25 Ağustos 2020

All-in-one KVM Matrix Switcher: It easily combines the necessary functions for HDMI / DVI / SDI signal routing, monitoring and management operations with its modular structure.

Independent Routing: Video and mouse / keyboard control through non-blocking matrix switching architecture.

Multiviewer Outputs: It provides multiple viewing and remote access to more than one system at the same time thanks to the mouse / keyboard connection.

Scalable Architecture: All units can be managed with a single monitor and mouse / keyboard thanks to the cascade configuration to meet operational needs, additional screens or additional monitoring requirements that are desired to be added later.


It is a modular matrix switcher that includes the selection, distribution, monitoring and management of computer, server, all other video sources and video signals.

It offers high-speed video forwarding, flexible KVM switching and multiple viewing capabilities with different input, output, format and format combinations.

Designed for facilitated operational activities for a user cluster with multiple systems, the system allows creating multiviewer viewing and user areas within video walls by grouping screen outputs. It also enables simultaneous management of multiple systems on multiple monitors with a single mouse and keyboard. In other words, it allows the entire system to be managed from a single point, as if it were a single system.

It has an in-system user graphical interface (GUI) for switching and routing configuration, as well as real-time display of source / output for routing preview and selection. Operators can also remotely access any system directly via the GUI, which is ideal for many applications that need a centralized management solution.

Configuring Flexible Input / Output Signals and Workstations

  • In-system GUI makes it easy to change and configure grouped user area with local monitor, USB mouse and keyboard. It does not require additional software.
  • Real-time viewing of 2 images for customizable preview / confirmation windows; Provides remote control of welding systems directly from the GUI.
  • Provides local system connectivity, providing seamless transactional transition between the GUI and the local system.
  • Drag and drop operation of video routing and keyboard / mouse switch from any input in GUI to any output.
  • Wake-on-LAN feature to turn on computers on the network.
  • Multiple language support.

Important Features

Integrated HDMI / SDI and KVM Switcher with Multiviewer

Combines high performance multi viewer and KVM switcher in a single chassis. It provides an integrated solution for KVM switching for signal routing and distribution, simultaneous monitoring and easy access to multiple systems, capable of receiving HDMI, DVI and SDI source signals from various AV / IT equipment.


Non-blocking operation between different systems

Çok sayıda ve farklı formatta video formatını yönetir. Bilgisayar, kamera ve video kaynaklarını monitör ve projektörlere bağlamak için bir merkez görevi üstlenir. Engelleme yapmayan anahtarlama mimarisiyle birleştirilmiş anlık matris çaprazlama özelliğiyle çeşitli kaynakları uygulama talebi başına yakın veya uzak bir yerde bulunan herhangi bir veya birden fazla hedefe eşleyebilir.

Seamless and Concurrent Switcher

It provides a convenient solution to switch / route any video signal between countless displays seamlessly. Multiple sets of resources can be continuously routed to the respective targets at a time with a single command at the same time, fully meeting the seamless image or video transition requirements for stage and presentation applications.

Output Grouping and Multi-Monitor Workstation

It has the ability to group specific video sources and create multi-monitor workstations for easy management of different systems. Without the need for separate mouse / keyboard sets, the operator can seamlessly switch to control any workstation computer by moving the mouse pointer from one screen / window to another (“Surfer” feature).