AVITENG Online TV Platform

AVITENG Online TV Platform
25 Ağustos 2020

Platform Overview
AVITENG Online TV Platform is a complete solution for all your cloud TV needs.
What is OTT? Today, as an alternative to traditional television broadcasting, platforms that deliver content such as movies, series and documentaries over the internet to the audience with the principle of "anytime, anywhere and on every device" are the equivalent of the new technology term known as OTT (Over The Top). Unlike IPTV, you do not need to set up your own high-cost internet infrastructure in order to provide OTT service.

It is a turnkey solution that enables content owners, distributors or publishers to quickly deliver high quality live and on-demand video services at no upfront development cost.

Single and central system to add, prepare and manage content Subscription-based (SVOD) and ad-supported (AVOD) monetization models Powerful, flexible and intuitive web-based console to configure the management interface and user experience Facebook, Youtube and Twitter sharing integrations E- Commerce, CRM and billing engine interfaces Powerful analytics Pre-integrated ad serving support with Google DFP Rules-based content packaging and scheduling / planning capabilities Subtitle support


It includes configurable modules, products, adapters and APIs and covers two service tiers.

- Metadata and data service layer: It has four service columns managed from the operator console: Work, Experience, Data and IP-Video Control.
- Video processing layer prepares, stores and transmits video to CDN. The platform is fully modular and can be easily integrated with third party services. You can create a custom-designed TV service by choosing from many pre-integrated partner solutions such as cloud infrastructure, content collection and provisioning, CDNs, analytics, ad network integration, payment gateways, and end-user applications.



Create, test, and deploy top-notch user experiences across all mobile and TV platforms with an easy-to-use app management system that allows you to market quickly, reduce total cost of ownership and maximize revenue.


Give your audience the superior OTT experience they expect with fast playback from the industry's leading player, and support for binge-watching across devices (usually watching long consecutive episodes of a single TV series or program), seeing previously, pause / resume between favorites and devices .


Our ready-to-use solution helps you earn money with your content in record time. Whatever your business model, you'll deliver a TV-like experience. And you'll do everything with minimal upfront development and a fixed, affordable monthly service fee.


In the cloud TV transformation, it combines software and cloud infrastructure into a single fully managed structure, and service providers, media organizations and broadcasters have the opportunity to revive their business with new revenue streams and monetization options while offering personalized TV experiences.